A Christian wedding is a sacred and a joyous occasion in the life of God's community. It brings together in a life-long covenant all the hopes and dreams of two very unique and different persons. It prayerfully seeks God's blessing. For this reason, a church wedding is a worship experience which reflects the many details of long and careful planning. A copy of the Community Marriage Covenant for the churches of the greater Lititz area shall be given to the couple.

The Lititz Congregation believes that the church carries a fundamental responsibility for helping to establish and to maintain strong, healthy marriages/families. That responsibility extends throughout the entire process whereby persons meet, establish and develop a relationship that leads to marriage.

TheseĀ guidelinesĀ are established to reflect the high view that we hold of marriage.

Wedding arrangements are made through the Wedding Coordinator. Please refer to the Wedding Planner which can be also be obtained in the church office.