Mission Trips

Mission Trip Participation

Poverty respects no international boundary. As followers of Christ, we are called to be a blessing by helping those in need. Members of all ages have responded to the call many times. Upon returning, many come away feeling they the ones that have been blessed.  

The focus of mission trips is to be working with the local populations. Learning to know and experience first hand how others live, we come away humbled. Many being served openly share their joy and love of Christ that can put many of us to shame.

Projects in Nigeria, Haiti and Dominican Republic focused on helping build schools and clinics.  While not everyone can go those at home supply money and the tools needed.

Fresh are the memories of recent hurricanes in Florida and Louisiana. Closer to home are the floods caused by Agnes in 1972 and in Johnstown in 1977 creating a need for volunteers to help with cleanup.

Money for blankets, clothing and building materials aren't the only needs to be met. Child care volunteers insure children were in good hands while they were able to go about the tasks of rebuilding. Many from the Lititz and surrounding congregations were there to help. 

Poverty knows no geographic boundary and is right here at home. While not as newsworthy as natural disasters. Poverty stricken areas exist here at home. Kentucky, West Virginia, Native American reservations and in inter-city neighborhoods.