Meals on Wheels


We are happy that we can partner with this non-profit community service, by opening our modern kitchen facility.  Meals on Wheels serves a vital need within the Warwick and surrounding area.  This remarkable group on volunteers have been Serving the Warwick area since 1973.  This dedicated group of volunteers have joined hands to provide a meal service to those unable to provide it for themselves.  Over 1 million meals have been served since 1973.


The preparation and delivery of one hot and one cold nutritionally balanced meal prepared and delivered each weekday, Monday through Friday.  This service is offered to convalescents and the disabled or handicapped or to anyone who is unable to prepare nourishing meals for him or herself.  Modified special diets available.


The charge is $20.00 per week – two meals daily.


Both meals for the day delivered around noon Monday through Friday.


Meals on Wheels is a completely volunteer organization.  From time to time, we must replenish our list of volunteers.  Many of our volunteers have been serving faithfully since 1973.  We are in great need of volunteers to help support the various groups who make this service all possible for our clients within the Warwick community.



If you love to cook, this is the volunteer job for you.  Arrive at the kitchen 8:00 a.m.  The Chairman of the Day will provide you with the recipe assigned for the day in order to prepare the hot meal.  One cook prepares the hot food while the assistants are working with the chairperson preparing the cold lunch.  The chairperson of the day is also available for assistance.  When finished with cooking, you will assist with preparation for delivery of the meals.

ASSISTANT COOKS TO THE CHAIRPERSON (At least 2 to 3 assistants are needed each day)

Arrive at the kitchen 8:00 a.m.  The Chairman of the Day will advise what sandwiches, salads, snacks, and drinks are needed for the cold lunch being prepared for the day.  Seven items are packed into brown bags and prepared for delivery by the drivers. Depending on clean-up time, you will be finished before 12:00 Noon.  You can sign-up on the calendar for the following month or add your name to the list of on-call volunteers.


Drivers need only spend about an hour delivering the meals.  Arrive at the kitchen at the rear of the Lititz Church of the Brethren at 300 W. Orange Street.  Arrive at about 11:00 a.m. to pick up the hot food containers and brown bag lunches.   Each driver can choose a route.   The routes consist of:  Lititz Borough, Brickerville, Kissel Hill and Rothsville.  The directions are very explicit and easy to follow.  This job is a bit easier if done by two people – one to read the directions and one to drive.  Meals on Wheels serve and deliver approximately 48 TO 60 clients daily, depending on the need of our local clients.

Call 626-2500 and volunteer today!  THANK YOU!