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Feel free contact us with any questions, or concerns in your life causing you to seek spiritual guidance.  Our normal office hours are: Monday through Friday 9:00AM–Noon / 1:00-4:00 PM 

Our Address:

300 W. Orange St.  (PA. rte 772)
Lititz, PA. 17543

Phone: (717) 626-2131
Fax: (717) 626-8031

Eric Landram, Lead Pastor: 626-2131  email: 

Jeff Keller, Dir. of Youth Ministries: 626-2131 e-mail:

Sharon Flaten, Dir of Young Adult Ministries: 626-2131 e-mail:

Janet Myers, Dir. of Children's Ministries: 626-2131 e-mail:

Susan Faulkner, Congregational Administrator: 626-2131 e-mail: