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"Transformed by Christ, Radically Loving, Living to Serve



We are so pleased to finally reveal the playground name and logo! Designed by Debbie Noffsinger  

Find more information about The Tree House at:

treehouselititz.com         Twitter: @treehouselititz            Instagram: @treehouselititz


It’s cold and barren looking outside right now, but we can all dream about what the church’s back property will look like with our new playground.  It’s time to get excited, and it’s also time to think about the fundraising for this project.  With that in mind, the Stewardship of Finance Action Team has initiated a Capital Campaign for the Tree House Playground with a goal of raising $175,000 from our congregation.

We have collected over $38,000 in donations so far, so we are already more than 20% toward our church goal   Stay tuned for further announcements from the Playground Committee about incentives to make a contribution to the Capital Campaign.


February 28th is ISAAC’S DAY for the TREE HOUSE PLAYGROUND!

Mark your calendars and plan to go to Isaac’s in Lititz for Lunch or dinner.  You will need to present a form (we will have them for you!) or show it on your phone and 25% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the Playground! The fundraiser will run all day, between 10 am and 9 pm !  Plan on dining out for lunch and dinner!


In 2017, we journeyed together through the pages of scripture. The entire Bible cover to cover. We encountered the ancients account of creation, the formation of the Law, the prophetic cries of the prophets. All of these stories culminate in the story of Jesus. Jesus was a rabbi who knew the psalms of his people well. He not only read them, he prayed them. This year will be the year of the psalms at the Lititz Church of the Brethren. Each day we will read a psalm beginning with Psalm 1. Once we finish all one hundred and fifty, we will begin again. If you are part of the all-church email, you will receive your daily psalm right in your inbox. You can also choose to participate by reading each day directly from your Bible. This year allow the psalms to form you. Don’t just simply read them - pray them. Join us as we sing and pray Israel’s ancient prayer book together.


This year our congregation is studying the Psalms.  When I think of the Psalms, I think of pouring one’s heart out to God.  As a mother of a 6-month-old who is a poor sleeper, day and night, I feel like I have plenty to pour out right now.  And so I decided to write my own psalm, telling God how I’m feeling.  Here goes…

How long, O Lord?

How much longer will I be pulled from sleep two and three times a night?

How long will this baby’s naps last less than the amount of time it takes me to wash the dishes?

I thought he would be doing better by now.

It would be one thing if he were my only responsibility, but I have another child to take care of, too.

People who mean well tell me to “enjoy every moment,” but I can’t help wishing for a future time when life feels a little more under control.

The Lord gives rest to weary parents… eventually.

All I need to do is look at my older son to be reminded that time passes and babies grow.

This stage will not last forever.

One day I will sleep through the night again.

O God who is loving and merciful, grant me patience and endurance until that time comes.



Please join us at Olde Hickory Grill on Saturday, February 4th at 8 a.m. 

Please RSVP during Sunday School or by contacting the church office.


Please join us at Olde Hickory Grill on Saturday, January 20th at 8 a.m.

Please contact Jenn Balmer (717-669-1120) or Liz Rowe (717-572-1992) with any questions.


The Christian season of Lent begins on February 14th this year. Lent is a time for Christians to prayerfully consider the meaning of the cross and its lasting effects. The cross is the event that changed the course of human history as we know it. Join us in the chapel Wednesday, February 14th, from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm for an Ash Wednesday service. During this time of worship, we will have scripture readings, sing a few hymns, and participate in the traditional anointing of the ashes on our foreheads. There are many important aspects.


The children of our church will be leading us in a combined worship service at 9:15 in the Family Life Center on February 11th.   Please join the children as a sign of your support and gratitude for our children.     


We will continue our series of “Telling our Stories” on Wednesday, February 21, at 6:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  Sharon Flaten will speak about her experiences with the Church of the Brethren Work Camp in Nigeria


The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another related dementia is life changing.  It often leads to questions and feelings of uncertainty and loneliness. 

The Alzheimer's Association is offering a unique opportunity for persons living with Alzheimer’s disease or another related dementia and their Care Partners to join an Early Stage Support group where they can connect with others who understand how they are feeling and are having similar experiences.

The group will meet on Tuesday, February 27, from 3:00 PM until 5:00 PM at the Lititz Church of the Brethren, 300 W. Orange Street, Lititz PA, 17543. Meetings will continue on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

The purpose of the Group is to provide a safe and supportive environment of peers who are living in the Early Stages of Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia.

To learn more about the group or to participate, contact either Candy Yingling, Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association, at 717-568-2595 email cyingling@alz.org or Jan Mills, Volunteer Facilitator, at 717-371-2231 or email jbmills@ptd.net.


Belinda Hess will be leading a 10-week class for widows here at Lititz Church of the Brethren beginning Wednesday, March 7th from 12 noon –1:30 p.m.  The theme of the session is An Understanding Heart—Journeying Through Widowhood.  The topics that will be discussed are:

Widows of the Bible                                                                                                                                                    Might Include…     



$$$ Too Little—Too Much

Life is a Journey

Do I or Don’t I—Making Decisions


Powerful-Playful-Peaceful-Perfect: Personality Traits

Saying “I Do” again

Praying, Worshipping, Serving

There is no cost for these sessions, however, pre-registration is recommended and appreciated.  Please call Belinda  at (home) 717-626-4276, (cell )717-606-8121 or email bgraybill@dejazzd.com